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What is it?

It is an illustrated adventure story told from the first person POV. A Web Serial updated d̶a̶i̶l̶y̶ twice weekly (Mondays and Fridays). Only on NewTribeZ!

What is it about?

Think of it as something like Robinson Crusoe crossed with The Little Mermaid. It means A Mer(Sea) Story or A Mermaid Story.

Where is it?

The current 'page' is below. You can begin reading the story from here or clicking on the main picture above. Click on the Discussions or Main Index link to the left to access all posted segments. 

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MERSTORY - updated biweekly | only on


Aqua sags into the dried mud-and-leaf wall.
"Is it my fault not to be there for my sisters?
Isso, Elder gave her blessing...
Isso... (I just don't know anymore.)
Isso... I not want to just keep swimming away.
 (Are we fated to live only lives of fear and misery?)

Elder said we all have to seek happiness!
That is whole point of being alive!"

"Aqua, I understand.
But maybe I should try to talk to her for a bit?"

"Yes. Aqua needs time away
from ungrateful punchable face!"


As Aqua leaves, the other mermaid slowly emerges from our hut.
She sniffs at the air, and her nose crinkles as the weird musty jungle scents.
I try to smile. 

"Hello. How are you feeling?" I ask in a gentle tone.

After being ignored as she looks around a bit more,
after a while I speak again,
"I know you might not trust me, and it's all right.
You've had a lot of bad things happen to you recently.

But I heard you say... that Aqua's job is to scout.
I wonder... what happens when she finds mermen?
Does she need to rush back to your group...?

Or should she make noise as warning, 
and then swim to lead them away from the rest of the pod?
Is it expected for Aqua to sacrifice herself just to buy time for rest?"

She just stares at me.

I walk around her towards the edge of the waterfall. 
There  was no clear view towards the beach.
We had to chop down branches
and burn some undegrowths for sight lines.

"Aqua and I... we were happy here.
We didn't mean anything bad to happen.
This place... this place is safe.
If Aqua could bring your people here.
Fighting on land is much different from fighting on water."

 I clench my fists as I stare out at the setting sun.
"I'm sorry, but I can't accept the thought of Aqua dying either.

I know you don't trust me...
But I'm not going to harm you.
Please get along with Aqua...
Please, give us a chance...

And I can show you why on land, nothing can be as dangerous
as a human with a tool in hand."
I turn around and smile, splaying open my fingers.
"We have the same hands.
Let me show you this thing called a crossb-"

She pushes me off the waterfall's edge.

There's only time for me to shout


 |   | 

Update Notes:

Story now resumes at the Monday and Friday pace.

Also, MerStory has been accepted and is now listed at The Webfiction Guide! Please let us know what you think. 


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