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Posted on: February 19, 2015
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Rediscovering the Power of Song

Just finished listening to the best of John Lennon.

Feel like I should apologize. For some time now I forgot... that music does have power.

No, not that music can influence. That's a given. Better to say, that music -is- power.

We're bombarded so much by tunes and ads and propaganda and viral videos, all in the attempt to make something stick. So much noise that the message is lost. But then - sometimes all it takes is one song to cut straight through that bullshit.

I used to distrust 'inspirational songs' as sugar, because a call to action is not action. But now, ever since I listened to Richard Perry's video and decided to search and compile the 'Top 10 Most Inspirational songs' I've come to realize again that it's something that's needed. Like an ache in our heart, that we did not realize.

That concrete and LEDs and leaping electrons does not change the quintessential human experience.

I was trying to armor my heart with cynicism and apathy.

But it's a heavy burden that only kept me from moving on.

I distrusted these things as sweet lies, but in the end - aren't they the greatest truths?

You know that figure of speech, like "listen to to this, it will blow your mind?" Instead of shattering a circuit, it was like an old, disused incandescent bulb switching on again; buzzing and glowing with amber warmth. I forgot, that to disbelieve is *not* a power of adults. More than ever the power to believe, to stand tall, and defy facile social pressures is what we need.

I've been listening to NTZ Radio, and it was my gateway into realizing there's so much more out there. I'm a bibliophile by nature (and this apartment far too crowded with so many books can attest); is there room in my life to become an audiophile?

F--k yes.

Music means something. Thank you, NewTribeZ, for opening my eyes again.
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Greg Gibson is online.
I agree Carlo ... It matters not the genre, nor the language because music transcends such things ... music can and indeed good music does inspire the soul, ignite passion and fuel one's actions.

Take the time to listen, to really listen, to submerse yourself and to "ride the vibe" and given the cha...
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