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Three Awesome Features You Didn't Expect on NewTribeZ by Content Chief
Posted on: July 22, 2014
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Three Awesome Features You Didn't Expect on NewTribeZ

NewTribeZ is a social media platform packed with features designed to empower musicians and small businesses. It is your community with a heart, here to encourage discussion between people all over the world with no regard for age, nationality, religion, politics or sexual orientation.

We've got NTZ Radio, which serves up thousands of songs from independent musicians all over the world. NTZ TV serves up music videos and select programming. We've got new games and exclusive fun content. also provides fresh news and information about business and the environment.

It is particularly a place for independent musicians and creators. We understand that you come here to better promote yourselves, so let me tell about some features not commonly provided by other social media sites that you might not have expected from NewTribeZ:

First off, for any blog post or forum thread you create on NTZ, you also have the option to also share it on other social media accounts like Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn.

You can easily disable that popup permanently, if you so wish. However, you may be missing out on a powerful feature.

The issue here is that for many musicians, managing many different social media accounts can be a serious headache. Twitter and Facebook fatigue afflicts many Internet users; when social media becomes a chore, there's something wrong with the way we're being led to think about using the Internet.

Spreading yourself out too thin can be a mistake. It's always better to keep your focus tight and deliver good content, to share stuff other people will want to hear. It's always better to make the most productive use of your time.

Logging into different platforms to keep reposting the same thing over and over again is not it. Why take that hassle when NewTribeZ can allow you to multi-post from one single message box?

If you haven't tried it yet, see about linking your other social media accounts. Under no circumstances will NewTribeZ be able to view your account or learn your passwords.

No need to log onto Facebook.
No need to log onto Twitter.
No need to log onto LinkedIn.

Just type up whatever you want to share, attach all the media you want, and your contacts will receive the message. Do note that 140 characters is the main message (because of Twitter) plus a graphic and link text.
(This is a good thing. Train yourself to make interesting summaries at the head of your posts. Draw instant interest.)

If you turned off the popup, you can re-enable it at Account > Manage Social Media > Social Publishers.

This feature is known as SocialBridge. Learn how to use it, and it may prove to be one of your most useful tools in your online presence management and promotional efforts.

Particularly important are those options on the left. You can make an unlimited number of Pages, for whatever purpose you want - to promote your group, to review products, or to entertain.

Despite the name, you'll find that each Page is actually a powerful mini-website platform.

Your page is a complete blogging and personal updating platform. From your wall, you can post content and share it to people all over the web through other social media sites and through email. You have your own personal forum for deeper discussions with fans and colleagues. It allows you to build Groups centered around your interests.

The Page provides a scheduling platform to draw attention to events and important milestones.

You can sell items, and set up fund raising and petition campaigns. All exchanges on NTZ is secured through Paypal.

And of course, you can upload your media to make it much easier to share and promote what you can do. No need to mess around with different hosting providers - video, images, text; all in one centralized solution. No more headaches, no more stress, no more having to remember passwords and paste in so many different URLs.

Learn more about how to customize your Page at ContentConnect.

You get points (also known as NTZ credits) from all activity on NewTribeZ , whether it is from making posts, sharing content, or even playing games. You may think this is nothing more than little one-upmanship games played by communities, but it's more than that. Those points can be converted into real, tangible benefits.

You may already know that you can trade in points for Gifts and E-cards. Virtual Gifts are small animated pieces of clip art to brighten up someone's day. E-cards are enjoyable flash videos, with sound and music, you can send to anyone on the Internet for a happy surprise.

But did you know your points are also valid currency for buying exposure on NewTribeZ ad spaces? Get yourself, your products, your band, or your business featured daily on NewTribeZ for free!

In the future, you may also buy items from NTZ Store with only activity credits.

Remember, here at NTZ, we're a community. Sharing is its own reward.

Questions about this post or how to use NewTribeZ?
Please leave a comment below or message ContentChief and NTZAdmin.
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Carlo Marco
Images aren't showing up on the newsfeed post.
Here's the link to the thing: 1614/three-awesome-features-yo u-didnt-expect-on-newtribez/
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