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NTZ Game Review: This War of Mine by Carlo Marco
Intro: Not your typical war...
Posted on: February 19, 2015
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Five Interesting Twine Text Games

I've said earlier that I very much enjoy Twine as a platform for making games with no programming skills required. Here's five Twine games that you might find interesting too, and can be played straight in your browser. Interactive fiction is fun.


1) I wish I had not played this game d-this-game

A touching story about the choices we make in order to succeed at life.

2) Zest: A Management Simulator

A colorful text-based game that pushes Twine’s pure CSS capabilities for a heady, nearly psychedelic experience about management and the facile nature of modern employment.

3) Cow Farming Activities on the Former West

In 1987, an anonymous team of computer scientists from the Kyrgyz Soviet Socialist Republic wrote a series of children's books based on the popular Choose Your Own Adventure series. The books were hastily translated into English and a small number were exported to America, but the CIA, fearing a possible Soviet mind control scheme, confiscated them all before they could be sold.

With an intro like that, why aren’t you playing this game already?

4) Player 2

An intriguing game that deals with interpersonal conflicts. Don’t be afraid of input boxes.

3) Artist Survival Simulator

As it says on the tin. Shows how quick and easy it is to put graphics and text and variables together to make an interesting game. Also, it seems I'm ̶a̶l̶w̶a̶y̶s̶ easily amused by bad puns.


What interesting text-based games have you seen? Please share it with us too by leaving a comment below. Smile
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Carlo Marco
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