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The beautiful portrait of the dogs

The beautiful portrait of the dog by Germany photographer Elke Vogelsang will certainly make you enjoy.

There are many styles of dogs photography, but the portrait of the Germany photographer Elke Vogelsang aka Wieselblitz makes the viewer feel very new and interesting.

Share with BoredPanda about the decision to take photos of puppies, Elke said, she had a very stressful time in life. And to change himself, Elke decided to learn to become a professional photographer. However, it is unclear why, Elke loves dogs and then decides to make portraits of them.

The appearance and personality of the dogs are very different so the viewer is not boring but very interested in the opposite. Currently the puppy portrait project is still being added by Elke Vogelsang.

Some of the photos featured dogs:

If you Interested can follow many of Elke Vogelsang's works here or Instagram here.

Soure: VnReview

Topics: dogs, photographer
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