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NewTribeZ Banners - Concept and Use
NewTribeZ is your community!
Spread the word and let your voice be heard with these great NewTribeZ banners. is a young vibrant community seeking to empower its members through the provision of leading technology applications in a non-judgmental inclusive environment. It was launched on May 16 2010. In order to provide members with the opportunity to gain increased exposure and improved fan interaction, on their terms, NewTribeZ added its own Radio station on the 16th November 2011.

To ensure NewTribeZ’s independence and therefore your security NewTribeZ continues to adhere to a policy of transparency and does not seek and does not have any corporate or governmental involvement. As such, NewTribeZ is not indebted to or have to answer to anyone other than is members. NewTribeZ is your independent community!

In order to assist you keep your friends, family and fans advised of your activities, NewTribeZ provides a range of banners which by copying the code and adding it to your site will provide your site with additional functionality and draw visitors to your activities on NewTribeZ. On inserting the code the web site with the inserted code will feature the banner (as illustrated on this page minus the code display) wherever the code is placed.

Banners are provided for the use of NewTribeZ members only and are subject to the following terms;
★ All banners are provided free to NewTribeZ members of good standing.
★ The banners are provided as is and may be subject to change without notice.
★ While NewTribeZ will endeavour to inform members of changes, no liability is accepted for any losses incurred due to changes with the banners.
★ Members agree not to modify or distort the message or intent of the banners provided.
★ All arbitration will be conducted by NewTribeZ Administration with their decisions being final and binding.
★ By using the banners provided you are indicating that you have read and accepted the conditions under which the banners are offered.

The NewTribeZ Community thanks you for taking the time to use the banners and promote your activities in the NewTribeZ community.
Support our website with these banner codes!