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Content Connect

Common Interest

Welcome to NewTribeZ!

Here at Content Connect, you will learn how to effectively use NTZ to promote your music and interests, meet new friends, forge useful new contacts, and create interesting content that meant to be shared.


How do I make my Page show a static front page like this one?

- Click on Actions > Manage. There, you can change your Landing Page to Info rather than Wall. You can edit how this Information page looks on the next tab over. It is very much like editing a forum post.

How do I add images to my Pages?

- Like a forum post, you can use image tags. Place the url location of your image between [ img ] [ /img ] brackets (remove the spaces). If you upload to newtribez, you can get the url by right-clicking on the uploaded image and selecting Copy Link Location (in Firefox) or Copy Image URL (in Chrome).

- You can use offsite hosts like photobucket or flickr as well.

- Make sure that the images you display this way are 525 pixels maximum in width, otherwise they'd just run unattractively off the center column.

Questions? Suggestions on how to improve NTZ user experience?
Want to know more about user-created content?
Please message ContentChief, NTZAdmin or Carlo Marco Alfonso.