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The Cryptocurrency Trader

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The Cryptocurrency Trader
Bitcoin Coffee in Vietnam ... a sign of mass adoption ot just interesting marketing??
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Hung Tran
VN is interested in virtual money, and second in ASIAN, Indonesia 1st. Ranked 16th worldwide. However, in VN, using virtual money is illegal.
NTZ Admin (Staff Account) is online.
BTC/CAD Pair Flash Crashes 99% on Kraken

Last night a flash crash occurred on the price charts for BTC/CAD – a flash crash that eliminated 99% of Bitcoin price in the matter of seconds, filling orders ...
The Cryptocurrency Trader
News Update - Cryptocurrency exchange has been hacked with a reported 7000 BTC taken.
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Greg Gibson is online.
It has been confirmed that teh worlds largest cryptocurrency exchange has lost 7074 Bitcoins during yesterdays hack. The coins amount to around 2% of Biance's Bitcoin holdings and have a market value of $41 Million USD.

Using a variety of techniques including viruses and phishing, the ha...
The Cryptocurrency Trader
The Bitcoin / cryptocurrencies evolution continues
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The Cryptocurrency Trader
Nasdaq to Add XRP Liquid Index!

The announcement comes within months of NASDAQ adding Brave New Coin’s (BNC’s) Bitcoin and Ethereum Liquidity Indexes – BLX and ELX which are all now part of the Nasdaq ...
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The Cryptocurrency Trader
Crypto News: "According to local publications, Union Bank of the Philippines, one of the largest commercial banks in the Philippines, has launched the country’s first crypto ATM.

The bank said in an of...
The Cryptocurrency Trader
Over the last 12 months 75% of the Top Cryptocurrencies are Down 90% or More ... is it time to look at reinvesting?
The Cryptocurrency Trader
Every Day Bitcoin Doesn’t Die, It’s Closer to Becoming Digital Gold!

According to Ex-JPMorgan Executive and professor of Mathematics Mr Alex Gurevich, Bitcoin is edging closer to becoming digital gol...
The Cryptocurrency Trader
Crypto News Update: November 30th 2018... over the last 24 hours, the crypto market has added $19 billion to its market capitalisation (valuation).

Bitcoin's unexpected price rally has ;led to an incr...
The Cryptocurrency Trader
Crypto News Update: Ripple takes over number two spot! Ripple has exceeded Ethereum as the number two cryptocurrency when valued by market capitalisation.

Market capitalisation as at 7:00pm AESST 27t...
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