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This is the HUMOR thread. It is made of lols and grins

As someone who actually teaches English, I can't help but agree that being pedantic about the English language is an exercise in futility. As much as we try to help students achieve mastery with this useful international business language, it's best not to look too deep into it because a lot of the rules that make it work is just utter nonsense. Ours is an arbitrary language, and part of the skill of a writer is learning when it's best to break the hand-and-fast rules.

Economy and physics teachers? Yeah, you know what I'm talkin' about. I feel your pain too. The moment a student mentions ' fiat currency' or 'quantum', there's an answer that makes sense - and an answer that's true. Wink
Last update on December 15, 9:27 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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