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Game Creation

What is the common thing that ties solitaire, tennis, a computer role-playing game, and a government simulation?

Is it the unpredictability, compared to literature?
Is it the change in circumstances, compared to graphic arts?
Is it the competition and the prize, compared to solo acquisition?

To me, a game is basically anything that involves a choice.

Simple conversations involve choices that affect relationships. Lay them down as dialog and with trackable results, and you've created a dating sim. Action, reaction, response: and you've got Pong, the grandaddy of all computer games. The player's skill or decision-making process is what matters; a game that does not acknowledge user input isn't.

Tabletop strategy games and card games are half about showing off one's kit as it is about the rules. Sports are universally games, even if the opponent is oneself or nature/random chance. All forms of gambling are games.

Extending that, of course solitaire is a game; of course jai alai is a game; but is mountain climbing a sport? Or trying to reach the South Pole first? Is it a game? Perhaps not. But if you had an opponent, and you're racing who gets to reach there first? To the world it is.

To create a game, rules and graphics and sounds are not necessary. What is most important is to provide a choice and the sense of competition against something. No need to know game programming either.

The easiest way I know of to make a game is via asking a question. Yes or no. Do this or do that. Basically, a choose-your-own-adventure story. Remember those books?

I use and recommend twine for quick and hassle-free interactive story creation.

What about you? Have you ever tried to make a game before? What kind of game and what did you use?

If not, would you like to know more and give it a try? Smile

Last update on July 8, 9:02 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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