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Day 11

I know something about preserving fish
because my grandmother was obsessed
with all sorts of preservation.
I guess that comes from growing up during WW2,
but here I don't have vinegar or sugar.

Of the four large fish I got yesterday
One I cooked and ate
Another I cooked and left on the spit
And the last two I cleaned, soaked in brine
(just sea water, boiled to get rid of bacteria)
and then left out to dry

I resisted the urge to stay awake
and see who it was

There will be plenty of time for that later
... or maybe I was just afraid to know.

And now: the fish on the stick is gone.
It can’t be an animal.
No animal can be dextrous enough to
have removed the cooked fish
without disturbing rest of the cooking pit

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Last update on March 22, 11:04 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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