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What the hay is this?
My sandwall is broken.
The smoking rig has fallen over.
What, you couldn’t be patient until tonight?!

But there’s something strange here.
The sandwall seems to have been broken through
from the inside.

Not a big surprise, really.
Its main purpose was for cover
away from dumb animals
and the chilling sea winds
than as any real barrier.
It’s weak.

But this...
Someone was in a hurry to get away.

The fish I was smoking
are now scattered on the ground.
Someone... was burned by trying to grab it?
Who would be that ignorant?

An animal might be.
But an animal wouldn’t be able to use the ladder
going up my sandwall
nor trade fairly in fish.

The animals that could climb or fly -
wouldn’t have been strong enough
to break out through the sandwall

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© CM Alfonso 2014
Last update on March 22, 11:33 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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