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There's just a slight... hiccup.
I just can't reach the high notes she can make.
She frowns, but seems to realize that the speech
designed for the open sea and underwater
isn't meant for those who live completely on land.

But when I half-sang out the A - E- I - O - U
her voice has the perfect pitch.

Mermaids... sirens...
and their singing voices.
The myths are proving pretty accurate so far.
I hope some parts of it aren't quite so true...
The monstrous man-eating parts.
And if mermaids are real,
what about other creatures?

Through a combination of gestures, drawings on the sand
and funny faces,
I think we've come to agree that she'll end up learning
how to 'talk' from me.

But one last thing -

| | | |

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© CM Alfonso 2014
Last update on March 22, 11:39 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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