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I point to myself.

She flips her hair back and responds:
"Prrtwichk ichikkaykkukwa."

... yeeah.
I can't even begin to pronounce that.

She nods. "Kyi- keeh... humf!"
Apparently the 'Jay' sound is just as difficult.
"Isso!" she counters.

Well bargained and done.
We both grin at each other.

I hold out my hand,
forgetting that she wouldn't have the cultural background for a high-five
and she entwines her fingers in mine.
Strange, but I think...
she's also marveling at how much this poor land-bound creature
can have such physical similarity to her own form,
the unquestioned masters of the sea.



I don't why I'm here
but for the moment...
I think I can stop being so cautious and paranoid.
It just might turn out okay after all.

| | | |

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Last update on March 22, 11:39 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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