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But I guess it's understandable now
why the things I make intrigue her so much...
Although it seems mermaid society is fairly sophisticated
in terms of their language and rituals,
they are by nature nomadic.
The sea provides.

No need to make baskets to store food,
and to craft tools,
there's always something to eat within reach.
Being an underwater omnivore must be so overpowered.

No need to make weapons or armor -
though they can improvise easily.
I dimly remember watching a show
maybe it was on Discovery Channel?
- about how even great white sharks
are scared of dolphins.

Mermaid... pods? Tribes? Schools?
- would be much more relentless and vindictive.

Teamwork is power.
The sounds they make
become synonymous with death.
... mermaids.
... it still makes no sense, biologically speaking.

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Last update on March 22, 11:41 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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