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Our languages lessons are going
um... swimmingly.
'Where' and 'when', we can talk about.
Numbers and arithmetic she already understands,
although any number greater than twenty
is just 'many'.

Mermaids don't have writing,
but they do already have pictograms
scratched onto rock faces
with broken-off coral as chisels.
However, most of their knowledge
is transmitted through memory,
songs and sagas.

'Days', 'bigger/smaller',
'good/bad', 'live/die',
even abstract concepts all okay.
But what she wants most from me
are practical lessons.

So first off, I taught her how to make fire
Flint is found around beaches and riverbeds.
Firemaking tools from wood
needed to be figured out from first principles.
The magnifying glass is quick, but too convenient.

Using friction and sparks was difficult going,
but eventually we managed. Hurrah!
Aqua seems really surprised
that I was willing to share this knowledge
instead of first demanding stuff in return.

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