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Since I no longer have to set aside time to hunt,
that allows me to spend more hours in the day
building and searching for resources.

"Land circle? Land big long?" I ask.
I drew first the island as it may look from the sea,
then as if from above,
one as an island, and another as a peninsula.
I have a strong feeling that this is an island, I don't know why -
but no idea how big it is.

A bigger island would have a more sustainable ecosystem,
but would also contain larger predators.
I would not enjoy meeting a tiger or basilisk in there.
I'll have to explore the jungle eventually.

"Land circle." Aqua replies.
"You day swim round?"
"Not understand."
"Day swim around land, know many?"
Aqua nods. "Not swim round, but five day, six day, no see."
Ah. Swimming past the island. Not that big, then.
Still, knowing she can swim faster than I can walk,
and the size of that volcano I can see in the distance
I estimate this place to be anywhere
between the size of Easter Island to... Cuba?
(... this is a pretty useless estimate.)

"Know more land?"
"Land there some." She points to the east. "Ten day more swim."
"More land next?"
"There. Bigger. Circle land. Many many day circle.
Many moon rise swim."
I see. The mainland is at least month's swim away?
Is this situation more like the Caribbean, or more like Hawaii?

"You. Other one-tail? Need go?"
Aqua makes a dismissive gesture. "Meh."

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Last update on March 22, 11:44 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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