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Day Twenty-seven

I haven't tried to explore too far
because of several reasons:
- simple caution
- unsure navigation
- the need for fresh water.
I didn't have any containers back then.

Now, however, I've got ample bamboo bottles with boiled water.
Aqua can swim faster than I can walk,
and since I know this island isn't that big,
I requested her to scout ahead for one whole day.

"See river?"
"Yes river."

Aqua grew impatient waiting for me,
and after three days of walking
she notes how far she can swim from sunrise to sunset.

"Strong fins." I say, impressed.
If her skin wasn't designed to resist the ocean chill,
I'm sure I'd have seen her blush.

The first human settlements in history
began at the banks of a river
for very good reasons.
This river is wide but shallow,
only about knee-high even at its deepest point.
But here it is exactly what I need.

"Aqua, you know fire...
Today we take clay
We put fire to clay
We make stuff."

She beams at the prospect
more uses for fire.
But this -
I really need this.

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