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Aqua overheats easily,
but I have no choice but to ask for her help in chopping down trees.
A few days back we already figured out to make
flint axes and flint knives,
because while I trust her with my Swiss knife for carving,
I fear that chips and rust would eventually destroy the steel.
We should use modern tools only when precision is needed.

"Why?" she asks.
Aqua knows I'll always answer her,
and never with anything like "Because I say so."
(I have a feeling she sticks around me because I actually explain stuff,
unlike her tribal elders)

"We need plenty wood. Make big fire."

She begins to hit trees with such gleeful force
as if they insulted her mother
as if they owed her money.

Aqua, you're a sea-dweller.
Why are you such a pyromaniac?

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Last update on March 22, 11:48 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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