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As we build a kiln, I explain
"Close fire, hot. Far fire, not hot. Yes?
Fire burn stuff. Hot goes up.
Hot... wasted."
We stack rocks with clay to hold the whole thing together as it dries.
"Heat no leave.
Dry faster.
Cook faster."

"Oooh." Aqua approves.
She gives me a thumbs up.
Aqua... you are just too cute.

Today we have crabs for lunch.
Usually we'd boil it with ginger,
but the smell of roasting crab makes our hunger roar even more.

Afterwards, she catches more crabs,
we roast a lot of them
wrap them in leaves to preserve the warmth
and stuff them onto a woven bamboo basket.

As she swims away, making sure to keep the basket high
away from cold seawater
from the evil little smirk on her face
I'm sure she's off to taunt her peers about her wealth.

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Last update on March 22, 11:49 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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