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While she's away I sit here alone
holding a lump of brick in my hands.
I don't know why this comforts me so much.

I never asked for this.
I'm not prepared for this life.
The keen urge of survival doesn't appeal to me.
To hunt and pit myself against fang and claw...
I refuse the law of predation and prey.
I'm a city boy through and through.

One brick on top of the other.
To build on what's before.
This... with clay and fire...
It's like a powerful symbol for me.
It's like I'm hearing our own ancient song.

We should respect nature,
but humanity's power is in being the thinking animal.
Nature is all around us,
but we build places where our sense of order prevails.
Prayer is good
but we are expected to try and solve our own problems.

You ripped my whole life away from me, but this...
This is my quiet faith.
From clay we began.
And to clay we return.

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Last update on March 22, 11:49 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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