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Okay, no need to be stupid about this.
Hacking away at that shell is the quickest way to destroy
this priceless, irreplaceable steel bolo.

"Aqua! Need rope! Need spear!" I shout
while waving around doing everything I can
to keep the CRAB KING's attention.
"Come on you, you overgrown entree!
Chase me!"

I run into the edges of the jungle,
where obviously the CRAB KING can't follow.
Honestly, this thing isn't really that much of a threat,
only dangerous if fought like a moron straight on.
It can be avoided pretty much foreve-

... its pincers can snap through tree trunks like they were twigs.

Oh blank, run! RUN!

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Last update on March 22, 11:55 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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