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Again, I could just keep running deeper into the jungle
until the foliage becomes thick enough
that the CRAB KING can't cut through.

But after a while I double back to the beach.

"Isso! Have spear! Have rope!"
"Don't... look... too happy! This is... haah... normal for you!
But... not for... me.."
She looks puzzled.
"... but you are cute... so I'll forgive you... just this once."
Aqua tilts her head. "Not know words."
She blinks and screams out. "CRAB!"

Yeah. That thing.
I pick up the rope but leave the spear,
further confusing Aqua.
"Aqua help?" she asks, lifting the long bamboo weapon.
It's very long, almost a ten-foot pole...
Or a military pike.
It seems obvious, a quick precise thrust
from beyond the CRAB KING's pincer range
would end this quickly.

"No. You... you look." I give her a weak grin.
I don't why you suddenly pulled this on me...
but challenge accepted.

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Last update on March 22, 11:55 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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