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So I heft the heavy bamboo spear up
and stab straight through its mouth
and into its brain, I think?
The CRAB KING collapses -
a quick and practically painless death.

This fantasy world is formed of brutal conflict.
I.. should probably be disturbed
how easily I've adapted to it?
Aqua lets out a triumphant squeal behind me.

Hahaha wait did that really just happen?
Those hero-like words surely did not come out of my mouth.
How corny.

"Never... again." I whisper.
as I sink to my knees, exhausted.
A clammy hand on my shoulders.
"Me.. not happy...
ah, blank it, you silly girl...
This isn't my definition of fun..."

"Isso? Isso!"
Her voice sounds so far away.
I'm tired, Aqua.
Let me close my eyes for a while.

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Last update on March 22, 11:57 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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