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I wake up to the sound of screeching and hissing
I open my eyes to see Aqua and another mermaid
pacing and snarling around each other in a threat display.
Then Aqua spreads her arms out
in such an obvious 'Come at me bro!' gesture
that I can't help but to laugh.

Ow. It hurts.
I'm sore all over.
Every little movement hurts.
"Isso!" Aqua yelps.
She hurries over to my side and lets out a long stretch of clicks and eeps.
Okay, okay, fair enough.
I don't understand.
I won't babble at you in the future.
Belatedly realizing that I'm not comprehending, she continues
"Good work. Me know you win."

"Me angry at you." I reply with a wheeze.
"Aqua sorry."
Look at that smile.
You're not sorry at all!
I laugh again.

"Isso! Meet family!"
She lets out a loud hoot, and gets in return a series of happy clicking.
I try to prop myself up my elbows to take a look.

It's dark, and there's a bonfire going.
All the mermaids are here.
Clustered around the fire,
as entranced by the flames as Aqua tends to be.
But now they turn to me.

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Last update on March 23, 12:00 am by Carlo Marco.
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