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I sniff.
That smell.
Roasted crab meat.
My stomach growls.
Now I see claws poking out of the fire.
I wonder where they put the rest of it?

"Isso! We eat! We... what word, happy, song, make sound thing?"
As she works her mouth trying to sound out the syllables, I replace with
She holds out her fist.
"No, feast. Eeee. East? Festival?"
Oh, I give up, blinking English. Ruddy nonsense thieving language.
Haha. Oww.
Must stop doing that.
And back to our mundane difficulties.
If it wasn't for the pain, what happened wouldn't feel real.
I still can't believe I did that.

"Drink happy!" Aqua reaches over to put a bamboo mug filled with coconut in my hands.
"Eat happy!" Then a rough woven plate with a large slab of crab meat and sliced mangoes and peppers.
"We sing!" She points to the rest of her tribe.

And I tell you, it is the best evening ever.

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