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A while later another mermaid approaches me.
I'm not sure but I think she's the one
Aqua was fighting with earlier.
That shark-like grin doesn't bode well.

Whoa with the personal space, miss.
And the sniffing.
What's with the sniffing?
Aqua never did the sniffing.

Ow! Stop poking me.
It hurts to move.
But I'm ticklish.
But it hurts.

Hands going too far south!
Okay, that's enough of that.
I grab at her wrists while at the same time
I scream out "Aqua! Help!"

A coconut-shell bowl missile comes out of nowhere
to go bouncing off little miss space invader's head.
Aqua drags her off by the hair.
Then she sits down next to me
and looks at me accusingly.
... what?
... why are you blaming me for this now?

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Last update on March 23, 12:03 am by Carlo Marco.
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