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Day 32

And now, under the morning light -
I see that the mermaid tribe has decided to take with them
the hollowed shell of the CRAB KING.
Huh. Okay, that makes sense.
It's the closest thing to a boat or barge they have.
They're loading it up with fruits and drywood.

"Tribe move away?" I ask Aqua.
She nods. "Aqua stay."
Okay. That may explain the abruptness of their rite-of-passage.
"But they come back?"
Aqua waves aside nonchalantly. "Many moon."

Looks like this mermaid tribe has about fifteen people.
Pity that they're leaving already,
I'd love to know more about mermaid society and lore.
Strange, though...
"Where mer boy?" I ask?
Aqua blinks and tilts her head.
"No comprende." she chirps.
Ohh no, you're not pulling that innocent act on me today.

"You know. Isso man boy. Aqua mer girl.
Where mer tribe boys?"
"... no want talk." she whispers and looks away.
Okay. Sorry.

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