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MERSTORY - updated daily | only on

Day irrelevant.
Probably a month or so later.
(actually, it is Day 80 or 82?)

Trying to keep track of how many days I've been here
will likely prove futile in the end.
I don't see the point of carrying around
a piece of bamboo just to scratch day after day.
I'm not even sure if this planet
has a 24-hour day,
or how long its month cycle.

Mermaids have such a relaxed view on time,
like hakuna matata, just swimming free,
letting months drift on by.
Mermaid migration follows sea currents and
stocks of sea life, which themselves
do not really obey clear yearly intervals.
But they do track certain astronomical markers.

There is no need for sophisticated instruments
to appreciate the motion of the stars.

From the murky depths of prehistory, there still remain
those monoliths that were erected by primitive men
with astonishing awareness of the stars above.
They made stone calendars.

It's probably better to restart my record of days
from the shortest to the longest day of the year.
From equinox to solstice.

Sticks and shadows now.
Aqua tolerates my idiosyncrasies.

(Isso, there are two longest days and nights of the year)

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Last update on March 23, 12:05 am by Carlo Marco.
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