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As much as she may be puzzled about what I do,
I'm also fascinated by her fantastic existence.

Aqua; a mermaid on land -
she's enjoying the permanence of things.
As much as she loves fire and food,
she's now getting a feel for architecture?

With the sea, there's a comforting sameness.
No patch of the ocean is ever really depleted.
But on land, we chop trees, and dig,
and make the beginnings of agriculture.

She tells me about forests of kelp,
and chambers of coral,
anemones like fields of flowers,
even sea grass is a riot of colors.

But now she seems to enjoy
the concept of a home,
floor beneath, roof overhead,
and a reason to stay.

"Was afraid not to like stay in one place."
she said to me one day,
"Boring to see same things
But if want to see change,
then can make change!"

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Last update on March 23, 12:07 am by Carlo Marco.
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