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I'm starting to feel that Aqua is atypical for a mermaid...
she's got that fearless and restless energy
that one might behold in one called a genius.

I don’t understand what motivates you, Aqua
The food is good, but you wouldn’t have been so…
strangely fierce... about being able to go inland
just for something like that.

Necessity is the mother of invention,
but maybe the ocean is a far too lavish provider.
The concept of conservation can't exist
if there's no notion of scarcity.

... the infinite ocean of news and information.
... the burgeoning markets of goods and devices.
... it's only now that I feel like what I'm doing
is meaningful and worth seeing to the end.

What are you looking for?

If you cannot fit yourself to the environment
Fit the environment to suit yourself.
This is the power of life.

There's a future, blurry and half-glimpsed
that we're both hurting inside to find.

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Last update on March 23, 11:46 am by Carlo Marco.
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