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Aqua blinks.
And blinks again.
And sighs.

After a while, she says
"We eat pig just other day."

"Uh, yes. What about it?"

"Pigs build houses?
Then pigs smart and not to eat!"

"Wait, what? No!
Aqua... it's just a story.
Not real. Not happened."

And she grins.
"I know. Is joke."

... when did you learn sarcasm?

... you were expecting a human creation myth, weren't you?

Now I feel horrible.
You must never learn or use puns, Aqua.
You must promise me this.
Let that horror remain the old world.

She snuggles deeper into my arms.
"Is good story. Liked it."

Now I can't even trust those words anymore.
Look at this frowny face.

I am so sad, Aqua.
So sad.
Stop laughing at me, Aqua.
Frowny face forever.

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Last update on March 23, 11:50 am by Carlo Marco.
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