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Ah, there's nothing quite like that minty-fresh
smell in the air after a storm.
And all around us is devastation.

A portion of the dam did collapse,
but that might be a good thing.
Let stuff from upriver drift out to sea,
we don't want detritus and cadavers
tainting our water supply.

Trees have been uprooted
But the bamboo grove stands tall.
Aqua looks up at the bamboo,
swaying in the gentle breeze.

"In Mother Sea, speed is best...
but here in land, no can run
faster than Wind.
So land-things...
you go under rock?
or you meet Wind
and bend.
Wind push and push
until Wind is tired.
And you still here..."

Well, yes. That's... passive resistance, I guess?
Aqua? Are you okay?
You're crying.
What is this epiphany you're having?

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Last update on March 23, 11:51 am by Carlo Marco.
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