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"MHOUP! HOUP!" the SEAL KING interrupts.
There was another message psychically implanted.
"HOUP! HOUP!" he barks again
and onto shore waddles out the SEAL PRINCE.
"hak! hak!" he barks happily.

Aqua beams.
If no can go sea
seal can hunt instead.
Scent not follow."

The SEAL PRINCE stares up at us
with those big googly wet eyes.
I stare back down at it.
So, what, we have a pet now?
To complete this strange domestic development?


... no, wait.
No, don't say it.
"Your name is Official." I find myself saying.

We now have an Official Seal.
If I train him to attack my enemies
I'd have an Official Seal of Disapproval.

"Why you punch own face?" Aqua asks.

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Last update on March 23, 11:52 am by Carlo Marco.
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