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Our explorations upriver halted when we hit a waterfall.
Both Aqua and I find it an inspiring sight.
Now we're setting up this place as our secondary camp,
and if necessary maybe move here for more convenient water power.
Aqua... is really pushing that idea.

There's still more fish downriver though.
As beautiful as this place is, it's far too damp.
Not good conditions for food preservation at all.

Ahahaha this is perfect!
No, Aqua, these aren't just small purple bamboo.
This is sugar cane!

Okay, so something I learned today...
boiling sugar cane juice doesn't crystallize like salt
It just turns into sticky brown molasses.
Gah, how do I cultivate these?
Someone pluck Python and Java out of my head
and replace it with something useful!

We've got yams and sweet potatoes
and the... well, I'm calling them chickens anyway
... that we caught have started to lay eggs.

We need the room for agriculture.
So, sorry, we can't resettle here.
Why do you want to avoid the seashore so much?

Still just an uncomfortable silence.

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Last update on March 23, 4:42 pm by Carlo Marco.
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