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Happy New Year, everyone!

So, Pope Francis is visiting the Philippines. Excellent.

He got a rockstar welcome. For many Filipinos a symbol of hope is worth more than anything.

Made this just recently. Sorry if it may be irreverent, but some of the candid photos are just so meme-tastic!

To be fair, government social programs are trying. Unfortunately there's resistance in the form of suspicion, low budgets, and institutional corruption. Promises by politicians are so much hot air. It's amazing to find someone actually who walks the talk.

Humility is such a vanishingly rare thing to see in a leader these days.

But for me, this is the very meaning of his visit: hy-do-children-suffer
It was heartbreaking to see on TV. Her voice broke as she was asking that question, "Why is it only so few help us?" A little girl reduced to tears, that the only thing Pope Francis could do was to allow her to approach the podium and be given a comforting hug.

And his reply was "She was the only one among you who asked the question where there is no answer."

And it's true. It's a question that can only be answered subjectively. There are so many individual reasons not to help, not care. And none of them are good enough.

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