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Oh come on, it's been over two hours already.
It's almost high noon.
Aren't you bored yet, Mr. Boar?
You sure can hold a grudge.
This bamboo crossbow I built is all sorts of useless.

Times like this I remember that nature is strong
Stronger than we can ever imagine
For all that humans call ourselves superpredators
and despoil the Earth with our smoke-choked cities
The Earth is stronger still.

It survived the death of the dinosaurs.
It would survive us.

This monster boar is pacing around and around this tree
looking up at me
glaring, snorting, vindictive
I know some humans would applaud
this sort of single-minded focus on disproportionate revenge

Does it feel good to live without fear
with purpose clarified by anger and spite?
Like a drawn blade
with all the world as your enemy.
A perfect, pitiless existence.

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Last update on March 23, 4:47 pm by Carlo Marco.
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