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Its hide is far too thick for spears and bamboo bolts.
Not even my bolo would suffice.
But if I take this spear
and jump
putting all my weight behind the point...
Surely, that would impale even this monstrous hog.

Wait, no.
That's stupid.
I've got only one chance for this.
If I fail...

My life doesn't belong to me.

Man, I am so boned.
I'm getting pointlessly philosophical.
But it's like how fathers feel they must survive
Their lives belong to their families.

I can't just throw away my life foolishly.
While she would be perfectly all right without me
Aqua expects me to return.

I look at my hands,
lacking muscle, lacking claws.
Humans have nothing but their minds.
Their minds fixed to an overpowering purpose.

... shall we see which is stronger?
Your will to gore and devour me, Mister Boar
Or my will to survive and return home!

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Last update on March 23, 4:47 pm by Carlo Marco.
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