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CarloMarco's Art Experiments

Sometimes it's important to do something out of one's comfort zone just for the sake of it. So in this one, I'm going to try out to 'fake' a painted miniature entirely out of Krita. A faux 3D object, how weird is that?

Let's see how this goes.

Making armor shine like metal is more difficult than I first thought. On the positive note, a plastic-y impression also works here.

I'm going to do this section by section, but - ow. Hand cramp. Okay, that's enough for today.

So far it seems to me that paying attention to the light source and the shadows it casts will make or break this project.

Last update on February 20, 5:04 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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♫ Step by step, bit by bit,
♫ Do it slow, do it right
♫ Step by step, and you'll go far
♫ Step by step, bit by bit,
♫ Everything builds from the little things you do, oh ohh

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Colors all laid down.

Now it's a matter of trying for the convincing effects of a light source upon an object.

If you hadn't seen the intervening steps, would this make you think it's a photograph rather than a painting?

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One of my recent clients had a rather unique requirement.

I had to show one of the characters kidnapping an actor while the accomplices wait in the basement below. The layout would be roughly as follows:

This was my first try at it, but the action should be happening BEHIND the "Romeo and Juliet" tower.

The dwarf on the stage should also be wearing a dress for... reasons.

So I changed the perspective. As you can see, I cheated a bit by using textures, but hey. Time is valuable.

This is not true perspective, but shows most of what's happening.

And it's done.

Last update on November 13, 3:41 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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Remember the space elf guy I showed as an example of a digital painting at the other thread? 39-s-easy-guide-to-painting-digital-art/

Well, this time what if he got married and had children and those children grew up to have adventures of their own? Quintuplets at that.

Maybe I should have penciled this in rather than making a digital rough sketch. Because I can erase so easily, my roughs tend to be very rough.

These elf ears trouble me. I blame anime and their oversized elf ears for this. Will fix later.

And the background's settled.

Further instructions as thus:

    Using your picture as a reference:

    Left male figure: This is Bobby, the protector of the group. He is the rock of the group, always calm and steady.

    Rear male figure: This is Torren, the thief. He is a master lockpick and ladies' man of the group. Women fawn over him.

    Right female with glasses: This is Christa, the computer genius of the group. There is no system in the galaxy that she can't crack.

    Front female: This is Shenda, the leader. She is the center of the group and leads them in their journey through life.

This is where I think I messed up, honestly. I changed Shenda's face and, uh, attributes slightly because I thought she looked far too young compared to her siblings, but now maybe a little of the energy and enthusiasm is lost.

What do you think? Is this usable as a book cover?
Last update on February 20, 5:17 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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I think it would be very usable as a book cover.

Greg Gibson Owner, Founder and Designer & NewTribeZ Radio

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Greg Gibson said...

I think it would be very usable as a book cover.

Thanks very much. It's been accepted and off for printing.

Now that's settled, maybe its time for a personal project. My friend Gaurav and I have been trying to write a round robin style Web Serial story, maybe to be posted here at NewTribeZ too.

Cover draft:

It's a scifi wild west post-apoc martial arts type of thing.
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Looks great and it would be a welcomed addition ... what can we do to assist?

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NTZ Admin said...

Looks great and it would be a welcomed addition ... what can we do to assist?

Well, since MerStory already has a decent story viewing template, not much needs to be done onsite. On our end it's probably best to bank up some posts ahead of time. This is going to be an illustrated web serial, with hopes of compiling it into a novel once it's all done.

It usually takes me about three weeks to a month to finish a book cover.

Now, a beta reader will be of massive help. However, reading and commenting on what and what doesn't work in a story is more difficult and time-consuming than it first appears. In a couple of weeks, we'll have enough to make a preview version ready. Anyone want to volunteer to be test audience?

I will expect beta readers to make productive criticisms. Smile
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Blackhollow Down Web Serial is almost ready to go live. We have a month's worth of posts and illustrations reserved.
Last update on March 1, 3:03 am by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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We are going live on Monday!

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So, you guys remember the smuggler elf book covers I've been posting on this thread? Smuggler Elf (Smuggler Elf Chronicles Book 1) eBook: Frank Carey: Kindle Store Smuggler's Daughter (Smuggler Elf Chronicles Book 2) eBook: Frank Carey: Kindle Store

Yeah, they're on sale now. I was dreading that they would look horrible as thumbnails, but that's not too bad. Not bad at all. :D I am very amused by what I thought were but placeholder titles.

I'm working on the cover art for the third book now.

When thinking about uniforms, there's few as spiffy as that of the Marines.

So I based the character's space uniform off that.

And here's the pre-color version.

And here's the new cover mostly done.

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Congratulations! Great looking images Carlo

Greg Gibson Owner, Founder and Designer & NewTribeZ Radio

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Fun, but time-consuming. Smile
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Well done Carlo. Smile

LadyG<br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br /><br />Administrator

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