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But after taking some deep breaths of fresh air
and cleaning the carcass with boiled water
we got down to business with rendering the boar
down to its useful components.

Remove all the skin and fur.
Try to lower the temperature.
Fortunately I dug a cellar just for this purpose.
I wonder if there's a cave in this island?
Cave water is near-freezing.
It would be the perfect place to store food for the long term.

Legs separated.
I wish I could remember how to make ham
I can't risk dulling this bolo
chopping through bone.
So we just have meat in slabs.

Skull separated from the vertebra.
Gah, I dimly remember brains are used for softening leather.
There's so much hide here to use.

Aqua takes the boar tusks and wastes no time
making like Wolverine and scratching at the air
pretending she has claws.

.... I wanted to do that.
Some things are universal, I guess.

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Last update on March 23, 5:40 pm by Carlo Marco.
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