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This leaves us with the bones.
A lot of tools we can make from ivory.
Well, we have plenty of time to figure that out.

Yes, sharpened ribs would make better stabbing points
than small flint-heads.
These bamboo or tree-branch spears are still unwieldy
but even if we improve both shaft and spearhead
hunting is unlikely to become a sustainable activity.
If I had someone to hunt with me to flush game, maybe.
Sorry, Aqua.
Deep inland just isn't your environment.

Aqua snarls and let out a loud string
of what I can only assume are expletives.

"If not accident
how you plan to kill boar?"

Well, something big like this
is best approached with a team.
And with fire.

Animals might not fear a spear-point
but all know to fear fire.
So less trying to combat it straight-on
but to lead it towards a spike trap.

Yes, fire.
Wait, no, not fire.

Despite how happy it makes you
... Aqua, forests burn.

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Last update on March 23, 5:41 pm by Carlo Marco.
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