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MERSTORY Ch4 - 101

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A few days later, Official, the SEAL PRINCE, wakes up
freaking out completely.
There's a strange loud ululating noise from the beach.
The SEAL KING is back.
Aqua screams.

"Okay, what? What?! Are we under attack?!"
Why is everybody going totally insane today?
"Is it a tsunami?!"
Aqua just pulls on my arm.
We hurry to the shoreline.

There we find the SEAL KING.
Red-eyed, snarling, wounded
barking insistently.
And below, between his flippers
is a mermaid face-down on the sand.

Aqua shrieks and pulls the mermaid out of the water.
She feels the other mermaid's neck and sighs in relief.
She looks up at me, nothing but pleading in her eyes.
... eh?

Oh, never mind. I help her haul up the mermaid.

Uh oh.

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Last update on March 23, 5:45 pm by Carlo Marco.
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