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Reaction to the Nov 2015 Paris terrorist attack

Last November 15, 2015, Paris suffered a savage and horrific coordinated terrorist attack. Suicide bombers tried to blow up a stadium, others held a hundred people in a concert hostage and then for no reason started executing them. Others shot up streets and restaurants. 129 people died and over 400 more injured. It is the largest loss of life from armed violence in France since World War II.

ISIL/ISIS (Daesh) claimed responsibility for this barbarism. ks

Our hearts are with the victims. This is more than a tragedy, this is carefully calculated brutality meant to provoke a response. And so we offer our prayers and our hopes, we also share in the fear. Will this bring about blood and thunder, for violence to be met with violence, hate with hate, and innocent Muslims and refugees trying to escape war and suffering caught in the crossfire?

This is an open letter by a man who lost his wife in the attack:

    "You will not have my hatred".

    Friday evening, you stole the life of an exceptional being, the love of my life and the mother of my son but you will not have my hatred. I do not know who you are and I do not want to know, you are dead souls. If this God for whom you kill blindly made us in his image, each bullet in the body of my wife will have been a wound in his heart.

    So, no, I will not make you the gift of hating you. You looked for it, but answering to hatred with wrath would be to fall in the same ignorance that made you who you are. You want me to be afraid, to look at my countrymen with suspicison, for me to sacrifice my freedom for safety. You lost. The same player plays again.

    I saw her this morning. Well, after nights and days of waiting. She was as beautiful as when she left that Friday evening, as beautiful as when I fell deeply in love with her more than 12 years ago. Of course I am devastated by grief, I give you that small victory, but it will be short-lived. I know she will be us every day and that we will meet again in that heaven of free souls that you will never see.

    We are two, my son and me, but we are stronger than all the world's armies. Anyway, I have no more time to give you, I must get back to Melvil who woke up from his nap. He is barely 17 months, he will eat his afternoon snack like every other day, then we will play like every other day and this small boy will insult you by being happy and free. Because, no, you will not have his hatred either.


This really humbles me. How much strength it takes to put aside that well-justified grief and anger, and say 'I will not give in!'

The French people are stronger than that, to give into the narrative that ISIS/ISIL wants to create. The clash of civilizations they want to make, runs into the problem in that their opposing element is indeed... civilized. The people of Paris will have justice.

They will not lower themselves into the level of terrorists. The Islamic State (which by the way, are -heretics-) wants the West to become mindless revenge-hungry beasts. They want the apocalyptic war against 'Rome' that marks the end of days, no matter how many innocents die in the war that will prove them false.

Even if they die, as long as they drive the people of Paris in to barbarism and brutality, they win.

But they have lost today.

Last update on November 17, 10:26 pm by Carlo Marco Alfonso.
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They have interviewed so many people on our TV Channels about this terrible event. Many who, like the above journalist, have lost loved ones stress that they feel no hate and will not stoop to the level of the terrorists. It is indeed very humbling to hear. My daughter has played violin at the Bataclan which seems to bring the horrors even closer to home.


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