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MERSTORY Ch4 - 103

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The mermaid gasps for breath
while Aqua removes clinging seaweed
and pats her down with a damp rag.

Aqua's breath hitches
as her ministrations exposes a ragged wound
going down from the mermaid's collar,
nearly cutting her left breast in two
ending at mid-hip.

Oh. That explain the sickly sweet scent...
that's not just the lingering smell of the sea.
It's the smell of gangrenous flesh.

She turns to me.
There's so much trust in that gaze it hurts.
"You know things.
Isso help.
Help sister."


She yells out again "Isso!"
That note of desperation
finally shakes me out of my shock.

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Last update on March 23, 5:43 pm by Carlo Marco.
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