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MERSTORY Ch4 - 105

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Aqua looks on as I hesitantly unlatch the box.
She turns her eyes away when it's open.
Oh. Ritual. Sacred, forbidden boxes.
Okay. I guess this might count as such...

Worriedly I look towards the sick mermaid.
I don't know...
would she last long enough
while I try to read through this book?
Aqua's eyes are wide and frantic.
This is not the time for me to hope
that this is something that can easily be solved
with mermaid magic?
Okay, something for her to do -
"Aqua, clean her well
Use only pure water.
Leave wet cloth on head and shoulders
and boil more water please."

She blinks and her indecision turns into firm resolve.
In times of crisis, what people need most
is just something productive to do.

Okay. Let's see.


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