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MERSTORY Ch4 - 106

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I can see bone.
Inflamed red flesh, mottled black and purple
and slick with a viscous, stinking biofilm.

"This is bad, Aqua..." I whisper.
"Your immune systems must be tough as hell.
How long has she been swimming out in the ocean?
Her flesh is rotting, and her blood is turning into poison.
We... we need to cut away this dead flesh."

Aqua just nods.
Accepting whatever I say.

First some general anaesthesia.
Then antibiotics.
With a syringe?
Where do I inject this?

Book, you need to be more specific.

Oh Lord
Oh God
Whatever's out there
Please let me not screw this up.

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Last update on March 23, 5:43 pm by Carlo Marco.
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