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MERSTORY Ch4 - 107

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Knowledge is power.
That's not a complete truth.
Knowledge can be useful.
And allows us to rise above our circumstances.

A lot of my knowledge is useless
but never again will I question why
our society reveres doctors.

It's not the many years spent learning.
It's not the title.
It's this sense of responsibility.
It's the pressure.
Knowing that someone's life is completely in your hands
Even a minor ailment can become life-changing.
To know that you can't fail that trust.
To heal, never to harm.
To suffer every failure.
To always try the hardest.
while knowing the patient's health
can never be fully under anyone's control.

No other profession fights fate so hard.
No other profession has such a powerful impact
And now as I hold as scalpel in my hands
I come to understand
no other profession can feel suddenly so powerless.

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Last update on March 23, 5:44 pm by Carlo Marco.
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