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MERSTORY Ch4 - 108

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I scrub the area with an iodine wipe
until the biofilm is removed.
"Aqua. Wipe." I whisper.
She pads away the sweat from my brow.
Sweat is full of bacteria.
There are some things I can't do.
I can't help but to half-grin, half-grimace.
About how cushy it looks in medical dramas
with nurses humbly standing around just for that.
But doctors only have two hands.
This is the most dangerous work.

I'm not a doctor.
Dammit. Dammit.
This has to work.

I take a deep breath and
make the first cut.
Blood wells out.
Did I cut too deep?
But the book says, better to expose living flesh.

Aqua and I both wear rubber medical gloves.
There are only eight in the medical kit.
She only uses her left hand to daub with a cloth to my face
while the other moves with sterile wipes to clean the wound.
Her grip is tight with fear.
I must consciously force my hand to relax.

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