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MERSTORY Ch4 - 109

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Smooth, easy cuts.
Scraping away at diseased flesh.
Scraping at bone.
Aqua flinches at the soft sound.

I think we're both remembering just a few days ago
butchering that boar.
Even a mermaid
even a human
is meat in the end.

This process is known as debriding.
Clean dead flesh so healing can begin.
Some hospitals use maggots for this task.
or chemical pull-away pads.
This isn't part of the book, but only too late
do I remember these factoids.

Slowly, slowly
forceps and scalpel and scissors
and saline solutions
(note to self:
the kit only has a bottle of saline
see about how to make saline solutions
using distilled water and sea salt
for future cases.)
Arrgh. My hands are cramping.
How can I be sure if I'm excising properly?

"... smell good." Aqua says suddenly.
I pause and blink at the non sequitur.
"Wound not smell bad." she adds.
"You do good."

Thank you.
It shouldn't take too long now.

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