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MERSTORY Ch4 - 110

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We wash the wound once more with a saline solution
and wrap it with a wet dressing.
It's important that the flesh be able to 'breathe'.
The book recommends against trying to stitch
or suture large gaping wounds too soon.
It may need additional debridement later.
(We don't know how to do skin grafts)

Stethoscope. Her heartbeat is erratic.
She needs energy.
I don't remember if IV drips made out of coconut water
is medically useful or harmful!


Make her drink melted fat and sugars?
Or an improvised IV drip?

Knowledge is not power.
The lack of knowledge is weakness.
The power over other people's lives -
without knowledge, it destroys.

I have to decide.

Once again
Someone. Anyone.
Don't let me screw this up.

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